Hattie is extremely passionate (slightly obsessive & perfectionistic) about creating the finest wood-fired pizzas EVER. It is this love, care & attention to detail in each & every pizza she crafts which she truly feels has created her outstanding reputation for the most extraordinarily delicious wood-fired pizza!


Hattie's recipe is very simple & vegan friendly:

FLOUR. WATER. YEAST. SALT. OLIVE OIL (for extra love!)

Hattie’s homemade dough is made in-house 12-24 hours before hand-stretching - this long fermentation transforms the starch into noble sugars and works through the proteins, making a more digestible, and better tasting pizza. This process ensures a good texture, great taste and added nutritional values.

Our delicious Neapolitan style pizzas are created by using a strong fine ’00’ pizzeria flour with a high protein (gluten) content giving the pizza dough good elasticity and robustness through catching air bubbles to produce a hard and crispy crust.


Hattie’s famous passata recipe is very much top-secret! What we can tell you is that we only use the finest Italian plum tomatoes, our secret blend of mixed herbs mixed with a teeny taste of salt and sugar.


It is our ethos to only use the finest quality locally sourced and Italian ingredients including premium salamis and ‘nduja. 
To name a few of our highly recommended and very lovely local suppliers: 

Good Game (Topsham, Devon) - good-game.co.uk
Aune Valley (Loddiswell, Devon) - aunevalleymeat.co.uk/
Salcombe Meat Co. (Salcombe, Devon) - salcombemeatcompany.co.uk

We only use the finest 100% mozzarella cheese made with nothing but cows milk, this creates a naturally delicious flavour to compliment our perfectly seasoned dough, passata and outstanding toppings!


Hattie’s pizzas are baked by experienced & specially trained pizzaiolos in just 60-90secs in our mobile wood-fired ovens.


Hattie’s offers a friendly & flexible service & can adapt to a wide range of tastes, preferences, dietary requirements & allergies but it is imperative we are made aware of these before booking. We can easily create delicious vegetarian & vegan pizzas with our naturally gluten free dough, with or without vegan cheese*. 

We can offer low-gluten pizzas* made using gluten free ingredients; although we take every care in avoiding cross-contamination we have to cook them in the same oven & with the same utensils as our normal pizzas & therefore cannot guarantee that there will be less than 10 parts per millions gluten - which is the statutory requirement to be able to call something 'gluten free’! We therefore do advise that our wood-fired pizzas may not be suitable be highly sensitive coeliacs.

*small supplement may apply.